Rescue SCUBA diving service is a commercial diving unit. Originally it is a group of EX- Bangladesh Navy diving term started underwater Marine Survey, Scuba diving and life saving training and Rescue man & materials, sea & river bank protection works & provide skill diver’s information to recruiting companies. Rescue SCUBA stared commercials activities independent from 1996. It is the first underwater modern technique SCUBA diving organization of Bangladesh.


Nature of diving activities of RESCUE SCUBA DIVING SERVICE:

1. Underwater hull clearing of ship, pontoon.
2. Underwater polishing of ship propellers.
3. Underwater inspection, maintenance and repair of surface ship.
4. Sea and river bank protection works and maintenance.
5. Underwater project work, bridge work, construction works
6. Anchor cable fouling survey and subsequent clearing.
7. Inspection and renewal of zinc anodes.
8. Sales, rental and repair of commercial diving equipment.
9. Inspection, clearing of under water suction of hydro-power station.
10. SCUBA training and tour diving.
11. Diving inspection before docking and after docking.
12. Submarine cable laying works.​

​Diving qualification is RESCUE SCUBA DIVING SERVICE:​​

All diver’s qualified from U.K, U.S.A, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh Navy diving school and rescue SCUBA diving training centre.


Qualified SCUBA and Clearance diver 1st class.
Qualified SCUBA and Clearance diver 2t class.
Qualified SCUBA and Clearance diver 3t class.
Qualified surface supply diver–SSDS MK-12,SSDS MK-21 MOD 1, MK-20. TF-12 ,MZ-300,TZ-300 and MK-5.

Local surface supply diver.

All Ex. Navy divers’ minimum 10 years experience in under water activities, Local diver’s have 5 years experience in river bank protection works, salvage and rescue operation.

Diving Equipment: Available in


1. Diving set (cylinder) with harness, webbing, and release buckle.
2. High pressure Air charging compressor.
3. Diving regulator.
4. Diving knife.
5. Diving fins.
6. Swim mask.
7. Weight belt with weight.
8. Pressure gauge.
9. Diving watch.
10. Diving gloves.
11. Diving Compass.
12. Diving depth gauge.
13. Diver’s booties.
14. Marking float.
15. Diver’s shot rope.
16. Diver’s life line.
17. Jack stay.
18. Distance line.
19. Sinker/weight.
20. Snorkel.
21. Diving suit.
22. Diving hood.
23. U.S/ Royal Navy dive table.

Surface supply diving equipment:

1. Low compressor engine.
2. Diving hose pipe.
3. Life line.
4. Face mask.
5. Jack stay.
6. Booties.
7. Diving knife.
8. Weight belt.
9. Diving fins.
10. Diver’s glove.
11. Diving suit.
12. Diving dive table (Navy).​

Safety precaution observes by rescue

SCUBA diving service :​​

1. Hoisting international diving signal flag (Alpha)
2. Hoisting red flag (Dangerous)
3. Use of life jacket/ Vest (Buoyancy compensatory)
4. Use of life buoy.
5. First aid treatment Box and bag resuscitator.
6. Decompression sickness (Diving disease) treatment (water decompression).
7. 100% oxygen (treatment to Oxygen, Co2 poising POIS, AGE, DCS).
8. Shark repellent power.
9. Thunder flash.
10. Day and night emergency flare.
11. Safety Boat.​

During diving time safety and security should be ensured by project unit /Client at diving area.​

​Additional Experience:​​

1. Search, rescue and recovery operation
2. Underwater video photography and photography survey.
3. Inspection and clearing of Zinc anodes at (Ostt) open sea tanker terminal.
4. Ship propeller changing.
5. Limited salvage operation.
6. Inspection clearing of under water hull and sea-chest.
7. Under water drilling and sand blasting.
8. Recovery of Entangled rope from the propeller.
9. Inspection and paneling of explosives and under water mine sweeping.
10. Inspection of sea bed, quay wall, Buoys and break water.
11. Surface / Underwater demolition for beach clearance.
12. Security o VIPS and foreign delegates.
13. Mine sweeping of incoming vessel.
14. Underwater maintenance, minor repair and inspection of all port crafts.
15. Underwater search, rescue and dead body recovery operation.
16. Underwater clearing of sea water in-takes of compressor and fire pump house.
17. Assisting slip way crews in dry docking and undocking operation.
18. Underwater video survey of damaged block at the quay wall birth and damaged bottom hull port crafts boats.